It's all about HOME

As a Home Product Developer and Brand Manager, with a background in Fashion Merchandising Management, Trend Research is my LIFE.  It also happens to be my favorite thing to do, go figure.  As an undergraduate, I was ecstatic to find out that I could major in my passion, fashion and home products.  As a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I ate up everything I could about the creation, design, and trend worthiness of fashion in the home.  Who knew that apparel had such a close relationship with your home?!  But then, who wants to look badly dressed in their living room decor?  Having found my calling, I graduated with honors, and went on to find my first position as a home product developer and brand manager for a family owned home furnishings manufacturer.  Here you will find some projects that I worked on for them, but mostly you will find trend research that I have done for your and my benefit... enjoy!

Vera Wang. Chair.



The real deal in Paris, if you can go, it is worth every penny

Chairs at the Museum of Design in Paris

Like a light went on...