Quilting isn't just for old people anymore!

I love the quilting on Chanel and Marc Jacobs bags; how much do you love it on these casserole dishes?!

Custom Designs

Some of my designs were done for a company I worked for and others were done for the sheer joy of creation.  I am available to custom develop any design ideas that you may have. 

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Some Sample Design Modifications I did for a Flatware Manufacturer, Check it OUT!

I LOVE Nanimals- the highballs, old-fashioned's, and mugs below are based on my love for animals of all kinds...

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The glasses below would look kickin' with an all white table-scape!

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The Puggle Named Maybe

I am planning a line of greeting cards featuring my favorite subject, my baby, Maybe!

Bedding Collections (2007-2008)

Bohemian Rhapsody

I love the intermittent splashes of wines, and magentas in this mix, so daring and uncaring...


The intenseness of the colors in this palette are for the bedroom only... choose your pieces wisely so they don't overpower your experience...

Little Miss Sunshine

Ok, so you know I'm obsessed with yellows, so what, the color looks fabulous and I'm sticking with it!

Gold & Egg-teal

This is a beautiful color combo if you get it right.  It is totally lux- just don't overkill the gold... make sure that the Egg-teal is visible.

Natural Blues

This was a custom design order from a major retailer who wanted something fresh for a younger clientèle.  I put together this collection of fabrics and colors that showcased the company's existing fabrics in a whole new light.

Pinks & Browns

Pink and brown in the bedroom has replaced Teal and brown, and it's a little more romantic and feminine, try it, you might like it!

Behavior Modification

This ensemble was a request from the VP of Sales who wanted a "Crate and Barrel" design for a "40-something Midwestern Woman." I modified the design elements of the patriotic summer colors, which looked so fresh, and gave them an Indian twist.

Snow & Charcoal

This is a popular color combo for the bedroom, it's easy on the eyes, and you can't really screw it up...

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